Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends


Our clients commissioned us to give their treasured sculpture a new home and importantly help connect them to their new garden, having recently moved from South Africa.

An “art gallery” feel and zoned areas were incorporated to provide spaces to enjoy the garden offering a variety of vantage points to appreciate their art and planting. 

 An outdoor room to house a home-gym, partnered with an oak framed structure with luxurious sofas,  creates a fabulous area in which to dine and entertain. The client’s passion for cooking has been enhanced with an outdoor Wwoo kitchen - this was a bespoke design uniquely for our client with rustic yet industrial material finishes. Their love of food, wine and entertaining has been encouraged so that they further connect with an alfresco lifestyle as well as providing versatile functionality.

 Pathways and stepping stones link all areas of the garden uniting the garden seamlessly with the house so that it is easy to navigate. A strong line of sight creates a beautiful vista through the garden where one of the sculptures has been carefully placed to draw the eye through and again link all areas, with a cosy inviting fire pit.

Lighting transforms the area at night, showcasing the artwork and creating an inviting ambiance, where one of the key sculptures, a wire ballerina, comes alive at night with subtle lighting and planting at its base.

We took inspiration for the design by referencing the sculpture by Cobus Haupt, their ceramic pots from the interiors scheme and the planting plan was informed by the colours and textures from their precious artwork by Bonnie Walters.

An engraved swing with the quote “Great art picks up where nature ends” encapsulates the client’s love of art and plants.

 This is truly an extension of the client’s home, reflecting their character, likes and immaculate style.

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