Small Courtyard Garden


Installed by Langdale Landscapes

Connection was key!

We were called in to help transform an unused space, just outside the client’s kitchen.

The key was finding a way to connect the main lawn which was raised a metre or so above the kitchen level. We added access via new steps up onto the lawn that took into account the transition between the levels, linking the connecting landscape to create a more optimum flow.

We integrated the existing terrace and path with new wide steps that were positioned on the axis from the doors to invite exploration into the wider garden and connect with the lawn. We removed an obstructive Yew to enhance the stunning onward view.

Consideration was given to the distinctive Arts and Crafts style of the house and echoed in the new materials to give the feeling that the new landscaping had “always been there”. A curved built-in seating area with a cantilevered bench was expertly crafted by the contractor, Langdale Landscapes, to reflect the shape of the feature arched window. Permanent, clutter-free seating and a beautiful stone table from Chilstone was the result.

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