Courtyard Garden, Tunbridge Wells


Installed by Oakley Landscapes

“The garden can be an extra room”. Well, in this property in central Tunbridge Wells it certainly is!

The client requested an open space to extend and compliment their new kitchen extension, creating a seamless inside/outside feel – this was clearly the design focus for this previously unloved garden.

Simplicity was priority, large over-sized pavers opened the view and useable area, creating a feeling of width and tricking the eye into appearing bigger.

Multi stem arbutus unedo trees were added for their evergreen structural qualities and complimented the tall surrounding architecture with vertical interest so that it felt proportionately in scale with its surroundings.  It also linked the garden to the trees in the park at the back, utilising the borrowed landscape – they were positioned on a site line from the lounge so that the trees are enjoyed from inside the house too.

The planting palette has a layered effect with a good proportion of evergreens to ensure all year-round interest. Grey colours within the foliage further linked to the steely palette of the interiors and a few splashes of the client’s favourite colour, purple to add a few pops of colour to again link with the shades used in the inside.

The addition of oversized plants and statement pots continue the strong design focus. The outside is now a seamless transition from the beautiful interiors that the client had created. The feel of a trendy Ibiza holiday outdoor lounge area, with a pergola to create a little shade & screening.

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