Always been there


This tranquil sunken courtyard has transformed an unused space.  

Set in a beautiful rural location, this courtyard blends traditional materials that complement the property with a contemporary layout and striking roof-top trained trees to frame the composition. The sunken feel creates a cocooned, secret and safe atmosphere to the space where our clients can relax.  

The stunning central water feature re-enforces the symmetrical balance adding a reflective element and relaxing sensory movement on the surface - a feeling of restorative Zen within the space. A mirror located at the end of the water feature adds additional depth and further interest to the courtyard.

Tiered planting beds as well as ground level planting allow for layers of varied interest and utilise the level changes. The layers of mixed ornamental planting soften the complimentary hard landscaping materials.  

Our clients now have a secluded special space to relax and enjoy the company of their family and friends, with an essence of “always been there”. 

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